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Brand names in drugs category Anti-Infectives:

Brand NameGeneric Name 
AlbenzaAlbendazoleDRUG PRICE
AralenChloroquineDRUG PRICE
FlagylMetronidazoleDRUG PRICE
GrisactinGriseofulvin FulvicinDRUG PRICE
MyambutolEthambutol HydrochlorideDRUG PRICE
SporanoxItraconazoleDRUG PRICE
VermoxMebendazoleDRUG PRICE

Generic equivalent names in drugs category Anti-Infectives:

Generic NameBrand Name 
AlbendazoleAlbenzaDRUG PRICE
ItraconazoleSporanoxDRUG PRICE
MebendazoleVermoxDRUG PRICE
MetronidazoleFlagylDRUG PRICE
PyrazinamideDRUG PRICE
TinidazoleDRUG PRICE

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